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  我的老师初中英语作文篇一:My teacher

  Two secondary school teachers I remember show how different people can be though engaged in the same profession.

  Mrs. Wang, my philosophy teacher, sent us to sleep less than ten minutes when she started talking in class. When a head nodded, she would point at the dozing student and made threatening remarks. She said that she was bored teaching us. Some students in her eyes had no desire to learn. But the other teacher Mr. Li always had bright eyes in a smiling face and encouraging words which showed that he loved Chinese history he was teaching and wanted us to love it too.

  When it came to their attitudes to their students, they were different too. After Mrs. Wang finished her day’s lessens she felt that she had finished her job. Once when I asked her a question outside class about a term, she continued with preparation to leave and said that I could bring my question to class next week. Before I knew it she had put her keys into her handbag and walked out of the door. In the history class, however, a question even after the bell would still be given attention to by Mr. Li. He wou合肥癫痫病治疗哪里能好ld rush to the board in a last minute attempt to clear up. Often he was seen with a number of students standing outside the classroom, discussing the day’s assignment.

  Their methods of teaching were not like as well. Mrs. Wang stuck to the textbook and trained us how to memorize minute facts. However Mr. Li brought in films, maps, slides, tapes, anything that would help us learn. Once the whole class went to see the ’film Lin Zexu’ in order to better understand the history of the Opium War from 1840 to 1842.

  Owing to these contrasts, I do not think I can forget either of my past teachers.


  My Teacher

  Last Friday I fell off my bike. One of my legs was badly hurt and I had to stay in bed.

  That evening, when I was alone, feeling sad, Mrs I.i, my English teacher, came to see me. I was too excited to say a word.

  "I am very sorry to hear the bad news, "she began taking a seat by my side. "You mustn't worry about your lessons. I can help you."

  "Thank you, teacher. But you are so busy. What's more,you are in poor health yourself."

  "Neve广安最有名癫痫医院 r mind." With the words, she took out the textbook and began to explain the text.

  With her help, I didn't fall behind in study.

  What a good teacher she is!


  我的老师 - My Teacher



  “我很遗憾听到坏消息” ,她开始考虑一个席位由我身边。 “你不应该担心你的经验教训。我可以帮你。 ”

  “谢谢你,老师。但是你这么忙。更重要的是,您是在自己健康状况不佳。 ”

  “没关系。 ”的话,她拿出课本,并开始解释文本。




  My teacher is a language teacher, I even named her medium height, slender build very, very white skin, thin face, long hair. At high straight nose, her smile on his white teeth. Teachers have a pair of big eyes, worse, and I have a small back Xiang Li said, Suddenly I heard the name of teacher, I look back and see the teacher uses the eyes looked at me sternly. I anxiously pretend seriously today, I think I will never have dared to make a small case.

  Teachers work very hard for every day she patiently taught us very early to go to school to learn to read继发性癫痫病需要怎么治疗. counseling our homework. Her health is not very good, but she still adhere to our school. Teachers of our study was very strict, whenever we did not complete homework, No matter who she has relentlessly criticized him. As I recall, in a language at home is dictated word, I listened to three little words, thinking no big deal. be next morning, she discovered that I did not finish the work, I go to the podium.

  She hit me with the paddle while CFS, a serious side to me : "We must be completed on time after homework!" Teachers like my mother showed us We have much respect and love her.

  我的老师大学英语作文二:My teacher

  Mr Shao taught me English when I was in Senior Three.With the bald head and hunchback, the fifty or some man distinguished himself from his counterparts in many ways.

  He was so addicted to tobacco that he couldn`t even skip acigarette in the corridor at the interval between two classes. Due to the long time consumption of cigarettes, his teeth had gone totally bad and occasionally let off unpleasant smell which really disturbed us when we were talking to him. At times, he came to recognize it and consequently found out贵州癫痫病医院有哪些 a solution. He suggested we write down our problems and he answer them in the written form. Although I knew all along that he was a careful man, his quotations of five different dictionaries on a single multiple choice problem was still beyond my wildest dream.

  What`s more, none of us could imagine how excellent his ancient Chinese literature was. What he tended to do in his class was to recite several segments of the famous ancient prose and then put them into English. However, under the pressure of College Entrance Exam, the students didn`t seem to be so interested in his performance. Therefore, he tried to stimulate the class by editions of Times as prizes for answering questions. It worked on us instantly.

  On the day of the entrance exam, he waited nervously with us out of the examination room. He kept reminding us not to drink water in case that we would feel like going to toilet during the exam. Not withstanding his constant claims that we students were far less important than his beloved daughter, we did feel his devotion to us.

  习惯对人的影响还是比较大的,一个好的习惯可以塑造一个人的一生。我们要养成好习惯。下面是学识网小编为你整理的我的好习惯初中英语作文,希望你喜欢!   my good ha


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